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Sodium is important to the human organism. It regulates the fluid balance and is essential for all nerve and muscle cells. Athletes in particular should pay attention to their water balance in general and of course also to their sodium balance, as otherwise disruptions may occur when transmitting nerve impulses, as well as muscle cramps or debility.

Function & Details

The human body with an average body weight of 70 kg contains around 100 g of sodium. Humans should ingest around 1-3 g of sodium per day. As already mentioned, the sodium level is responsible for the water regulation in the body. In case of the sodium level being too low or high, it is primarily the brain function that will be affected. The kidney is the key organ for ensuring regulation. In case of a surplus of sodium, this holds back the water in the body in order to dilate the sodium and then excrete this. For sodium deficiency, it's just the other way around. More water is excreted and the sodium retained.

Sodium often has a poor reputation. However, with proper interaction of hydrogen carbonate and sodium, the established opinion that sodium has the same effect as table salt is disproven. We recommend you ingest sodium in its natural form, such as through mineral water containing sodium.

Our Starzinger product tip


  • Long Life mineral water- 115.40 mg / l sodium
  • Juvina mineral water- 330.3 mg / l sodium
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water- 4.50 mg / l sodium