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Magnesium is important for the muscle and nervous function, for generating bones and sinews, for the tooth enamel and also for the cardiovascular system. Magnesium can be supplied to the body by means of food and drinking water.

Function & Details

The body of an adult contains about 20 g of magnesium. The required daily dose is about 300 mg. Magnesium is said to have a concentration promoting effect, as well as strengthening the nerves and is also used to prevent muscle cramps. Slight magnesium deficiency can occur illness, pregnancy or when doing competitive sports. Here it is important to adjust to the required need and supply the body with more magnesium.

In people, magnesium deficiency may lead to restlessness, nervousness, irritability, headache, lack of concentration, fatigue, general feeling of weakness, cardiac arrhythmias and muscle cramps. With regard to the psyche and metabolism, it is thought that depression can be amplified through a deficiency of magnesium. In some cases, deficiency may also lead to heart attacks. An excess of magnesium in the blood may occur through excessive intake and lead to disorders in the nervous system and the heart. Boost your power of concentration and vitality and ensure a sufficient intake of magnesium.

The body can absorb magnesium especially well when taken in its natural form and not in the form of tablets which first must be dissolved in the bowel. Long Life mineral water is perfectly suited for this purpose, also because it does not contain any phosphates which prevent the absorption of nutritional calcium and nutritional magnesium. Furthermore, magnesium and calcium are found in Long Life mineral water in optimal concentration and ideal proportion. Another advantage is the natural content of carbon dioxide, which further boosts absorption.

Our Starzinger product tip


  • Long Life mineral water- 206.0 mg / l magnesium
  • Juvina mineral water- 58.2 mg / l magnesium
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water- 15.64 mg / l magnesium