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Calcium is needed by the body in close interaction with magnesium for the heart, metabolism and muscle function. Calcium strengthens the bones and plays a significant part in bone and teeth formation. It provides the natural beauty of the skin, hair and nails and allows our muscles to work optimally.

Function & Details

Calcium is the mineral that is found in the highest quantity in the human organism. Calcium can be found in particular in bones and teeth and provides them with stability and strength.
At the same time, the bones serve as a depository for calcium. In case of calcium deficiency, some of it can be released from the bones and made available for other tasks. In some cases, calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, in particular in older people.

Within the cells, calcium plays a part in activating the muscles and nerves. Outside of the cells, calcium plays a part in blood clotting and maintaining the cell membranes. Increased intake of calcium contributes to preventing osteoporosis. Furthermore, calcium is also an important factor in diagnosing the bones.

In particular for children still growing, during pregnancy and the lactation period, there is a higher need for calcium. The body can absorb calcium from mineral water particularly well, as the mineral is already found in dissolved form in the water.
Our Starzinger product tip

Our Starzinger product tip


  • Long Life mineral water- 269.0 mg / l Calcium
  • Juvina mineral water - 253.1 mg / l Calcium
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water - 37.13 mg / l Calcium

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