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Silicic acid is a compound of oxygen and silicon, known as silica in professional circles. Silicon is indispensable for the body. Silicon deficiency often leads to brittle nails and hair, pale and wrinkly skin. Silicon cannot be found naturally in its purest form, but always in combination with oxygen - as silicic acid.

Function & Details

The most basic silicic acid, monosilicic acid, is found in all water incl. drinking water, as well as in all fluids in plants and animals. In people it contributes to an energetic and healthy appearance, as silicic acid counteracts brittle fingernails and hair as well as a pale skin tone. Silicon also supports the ability of the skin to bind moisture and the generation of conjunctive tissue. It is also known that brittle bones contain less silicon than sturdy ones. Silicon is thus a widely needed trace element which also promotes well-being and which the human organism can do hard without.

Especially in old age, when the natural silicon content in the body drops, additional intake of silicon in the form of silicic acid can counteract a reduction in elasticity and tonicity of the conjunctive tissue.

Benefit from the positive properties of silicic acid and drink mineral water containing silicic acid for an energetic physical feeling and appearance.

Our Starzinger product tip

  • Long Life mineral water- 48.10 mg / l m-silicic acid
  • Juvina mineral water- 56.3 mg / l m-silicic acid
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water- 38.00 mg / l m-silicic acid