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One of the most important issues with regard to private labelling is the matter of size and packaging. As this can also be a success factor, the Starzinger beverage group is flexible in this regard. Our capabilities are the guarantor for your success.

Various sizes and packagings.

The beverages are bottled in aluminium cans, steel cans, PET-bottles, aluminium bottles and glass bottles. All types of containers are also available in various sizes and shapes. The best condition for your own product, for which in addition to the independent design you can also select the suitable container. We are your flexible bottler, from large orders all the way to minimal quantities.

We are also happy to accept special request - you will benefit from our staff's decades of experience in this regard. By using four PET-bottle plants, three canning plants, three glass bottling plants and one aluminium bottling plant, we can offer any packaging variant.

The following beverages can be bottled by the Starzinger beverage group:

  • AFG Beverages, Soft Drinks
  • Soda
  • Table and mineral water
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Beer, shandies
  • Mixed alcoholic beverages
  • Wine
  • Wine coolers
  • Prosecco
  • Coffee-based mixed beverages
  • Lemonades, fruit lemonades, premium-lemonades
  • Iced tea
  • Fruit juices spritzed
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy drinks with fruit flavour
  • Functional Drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Vitamin drinks

Cans - sizes and packagings

330ml 500ml 250ml 330ml 355ml 150ml 200ml 250ml
Classic Sleek Slim




Can packs

In addition to the three most common sizes, we offer several more. From the classic can in sizes from 330ml to 500ml, to the Sleek-can in three sizes: 250ml, 330ml or 355ml. As a third option, there is the Slim-can, also available in three sizes: Starting with 150ml two 200ml to a maximum of 250ml. We'll be happy to package your cans into trays, in printed and transparent film and in countless further variants.

We carry out bottlings, starting from 12,000 cans. In which units these are packaged, can be individually determined. Unfortunately, not all of our options can be presented here. Just ask us directly if you have a preference not listed here in mind. You will be amazed at just what is possible. Contact partner at Starzinger

PET-bottles sizes and packagings

330ml 330ml 330ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 600ml 1000ml 1000ml 1500ml
paper label PP label PP label PP label PP label paper label PP label PP label paper label PP label PP label paper label
    shrink sleeves   shrink sleeves shrink sleeves     shrink sleeves  
    sportcap   sportcap sportcap     sportcap  



PET packaging

Should you prefer a reclosable bottling option, our various bottles are the way to go: Pick the PET-bottle that suits you from nine options. From the 330ml PET-bottle to the 1.5L-bottle all the way to 2 litres. Here there is a large number of options for designing your contract bottling to meet your requests.


Just as many varieties are available for shipping packaging of PET-bottles. From 4 to 12 bottles per unit - you can commission your contract bottling with us, starting from 7,000 bottled PET-bottles.


Glass bottles – sizes and packaging

250ml 250ml 250ml 330ml 330ml 750ml 350ml 500ml 1000ml
One-way Reusable




Glass bottles packaging

Glass bottles are offered in sizes from 250ml to 1.5L, as one way and returnable bottles. The ones pictured here are the most common glass bottles. On request, we will be happy to check whether other bottles are also possible.


As individual as the size is the shipping packaging. Here, too, we can offer you numerous packaging is in contract bottling: We'll be happy to present you with boxes, trays and much more in a personal meeting. Contact partner at Starzinger


Private Labelling in Austria with the Starzinger beverage group

You see - Private Labelling with the Starzinger beverage group means: numerous options in every area. As individual as your beverage is the selection of a suitable size, shape and packaging here. In the process, you can always count on us as your competent partner in contract bottling. We further offer you advertising material directly from the producer. Our capabilities cover a wide range. We are also always open to special requests and almost always have a solution ready. We will be pleased to advise.

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