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Schartner Bombe is Austrian quality of the highest level. In the fruit BOMB powered by, the flavour of classic lemonade is highlighted and taken to the extreme by adding lemon grass and ginger. Background: The number one buying criteria for the Schartner Bombe according to a Nielsen study is the special flavour, which was further developed in the fruit BOMB by Schartner Bombe using higher fruit content.

We have effectively "distilled" the classic taste adventure provided by the classic Schartner Bombe, offering consumers a handy portion size of 0.25lt (glass one-way) in at tray of 12, thus supporting the ecological and sustainability awareness of our consumers.

Glass 0.25 l

Range of varieties

Lemon - Ginger
Orange - Lemongrass

Packaging unit

Tray: 12 x Glass 0.25 l

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