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The sulphate content in drinking water or in mineral water can aid digestion if found in sufficient concentration. Those who regularly drink mineral water containing sulphate can stimulate the bowel function in a natural way, thus preventing constipation. In particular in interaction with magnesium and calcium, the effect of sulphate may be intensified.

Function & Details

Sulphates are found in groundwater in various quantities. The German drinking water ordinance prescribes a limit of 250 mg / l for drinking water extracted from this. The natural sulphur compound sulphate is considered to play a part in the formation of cartilage, structure of proteins and stability of skin and hair. Furthermore, water containing sulphate can promote bile drainage and the production of digestive juices

Our Starzinger product tip

  • Long Life mineral water- < 1.0 mg / l sulphate
  • Juvina mineral water- 102.0 mg / l sulphate
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water- 9.90 mg / l sulphate