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Chloride is among the minerals which make up more than 50 mg per kilo body weight. Chloride is important for the body's acid-base balance and in dissolved form is a component of the bones.

Function & Details

Chloride is absorbed through food, i.e. mostly in the form of sodium chloride in table salt or through water or mineral water. For the average adult, the daily requirement is covered by as little as 2 pinches of salt.

Ingesting too little chloride may lead to muscle weakness, and chloride deficiency during the growth period may lead to growth disturbances. Chloride deficiency may in some circumstances also occur as a result of vomiting or diarrhoea, thus sufficient intake is of great importance in this case.

Our Starzinger product tip


  • Long Life mineral water- 38.2 mg / l Chloride
  • Juvina mineral water- 61.0 mg / l Chloride
  • Frankenmarkter mineral water- 0.85 mg / l Chloride