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3 Biere von Bräu am Berg

The Frankenmarkter beer specialities, brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law from 1516, guarantee beer lovers maximum drinking enjoyment. Not quantity, but quality, is what distinguishes this small private brewery in Upper Austria. "Bräu am Berg" is a typical private brewery with the motto "small but mighty". Here, quality and good customer care still take centre stage.

Bräu am Berg Lager Light

A true insider's tip for beer aficionados! Bräu am Berg Lager Light is a strong, well-rounded beer with a particularly savoury touch and has emerged the winner in numerous blind tests. The popular 5-litre party casks also make for freshly tapped beer enjoyment.

Bräu am Berg Shandy

Bräu am Berg Shandy has long been an insider's tip among sports-loving beer aficionados. The savoury note of Bräu am Berg Lager Light and the fruity taste of Schartner Bombe Lemon are the ideal mix for weary legs and parched throats. The low alcohol content of only 2.5 percent promises worry-free drinking enjoyment. In its new design, the sporty shandy also fits into every backpack!

Bräu am Berg Pilsner

The fresh and unique taste of Bräu am Berg Pilsner is based on the top-quality and composition of its natural raw materials. The pilsner now appears in a new, younger design, with a trendy label, in a one-way bottle with a practical screw top. With its classic, hop-bitter and lean touch, it ideally complements the line-up.

Bräu am Berg Wheat Beer

The careful processing of natural raw materials and the special attention to the classic taste make the Frankenmarkter wheat beer a top-fermentation beer of the highest quality. It is known well beyond our borders as an insider's tip, and being a distinctly mild beer, the wheat beer has found many a friend among the ladies, too.

Bräu am Berg Maerzen
Rated best Maerzen beer in Upper Austria

Just recently Bräu am Berg Maerzen was awarded the CULINARIX in GOLD by selected beer sommeliers at the special exhibition Beerland Upper Austria. The prize was presented in Wels at the trade fair Blooming Austria by the president of the WKO Upper Austria and chamber of agriculture UA, Rudolf Trauner and Hannes Herndl.
We are pleased that we are able to maintain our small but fine regional breweries under the roof of the beverage group. Consumers time and again acknowledge the excellent quality of our products - now it's official with the presentation of the CULINARIX in Gold for the best Maerzen beer!

Aspacher Urbräu

Known as a much-frequented Kneipp-health resort at the edge of Kobernaußer Forest in Upper Austria, Aspach is a popular destination. Aspacher Urbräu - an elegant lager beer with a special touch of hops - is brewed in this idyllic region and in one of the most environmentally friendly breweries of Austria, the Aspach Brewery.

Bräu am Berg Festbock

Bräu am Berg Festbock is brewed only once a year for the Christmas period, as according to tradition. This strong speciality beer with 6.9 % AbV is a golden, strong tasting and slightly hoppy bock beer.
According to old tradition, the Festbock is ceremoniously tapped every year at the end of October in the connected brewery inn.

Glass 0.33 l

Bräu am Berg Glas 0,33l

Range of varieties

Bräu am Berg - Pilsner, one-way with screw top
Bräu am Berg - Festbock
Bräu am Berg - Shandy

Packaging unit

Crate: 20 x Glass 0.33 l

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Glass 0.5 l

Bräu am Berg, Bier 0,5l Glas

Range of varieties

Bräu am Berg - Maerzen
Bräu am Berg - Shandy
Bräu am Berg- Festbock
Frankenmarkter - Wheat beer

Packaging unit

Crate: 20 x Glass 0.5 l

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Can 0.5 l

Range of varieties

Bräu am Berg - Maerzen classic

Packaging unit

Tray: 24 x Can 0.5 l
Tray: 4 x 6-pack Can 0.5l

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