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"Land of mountains, land by the river" goes the Austrian national anthem. Austria stands for the best quality water, be it flowing or standing. And this quality pays off, especially in the food sector. The Starzinger beverage group relies on crystal-clear water from four mineral water springs from Austria, which cover a wide range from low mineralisation and taste neutrality all the way to high mineralisation .

In private labelling, you benefit from this, too: You can choose from four different mineral water springs as well as spring water with low mineralisation.

Depending on what goes best with your beverage - the Starzinger beverage group provides a unique selection for both mineral and spring water. Numerous analyses and studies by renowned institutes confirm the high quality of the mineral water used.

Contract bottling with premium Austrian water

Table of contents
  Frankenmarkter JUVINA Long Life Lebensquell
Magnesium 15.64 mg 58.20 mg 206.00 mg 15.70 mg
Calcium 37.13 mg 253.10 mg 269.00 mg 42.20 mg
Hydrogen carbonate 195.50 mg 1686.00 mg 2097.00 mg 203.00 mg
Sodium 4.50 mg 330.30 mg 115.40 mg 4.27 mg
Potassium - 16.80 mg 7.20 mg -
Chloride 0.85 mg 61.00 mg 38.20 mg 1.30 mg
Sulphate 9.90 mg 102.00 mg < 1.00 mg 10.50 mg
Silicic acid 38.00 mg 56.30 mg 48.10 mg 26.60 mg
Nitrates 0.60 mg < 0.01 mg < 1.00 mg < 1.00 mg
Total mineralisation 302.12 mg 2563.71 mg 2782.90 mg 304.57 mg

Choose from these four different mineral water springs:

Frankenmarkter mineral water: The Frankenmarkter mineral water impresses with a balanced ratio of minerals and trace elements, as well as low nitrate content. It is neutral in taste and also suitable for preparing baby food.
More information about Frankenmarkter mineral water

JUVINA mineral water: Young, Zestful, Natural. The perfect composition of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate makes this mineral water a true fountain of youth. An all-round water with true additional benefit.
More information about JUVINA

Long Life mineral water: The high magnesium and calcium content in ideal proportion makes Long Life a unique source of strength.
More information about Long Life mineral water

Lebensquell mineral water: The fourth spring also boasts even proportioning of minerals and trace elements and is neutral in taste.

Apart from these four mineral water springs, you can also use spring water as an alternative. With this, the Starzinger beverage group offers you a unique selection.

Private labelling for beer and shandies

The private labelling by the Starzinger beverage group includes not only non-alcoholic beverages such as table water or soda, but also beer. The private brewery in Aspach specialises in private labelling. The contract beer bottling takes place using state-of-the-art production and bottling plants while maintaining high standards, such as according to the IFS-Certificate.

Here you can also be sure: When it comes to private labelling, we rely exclusively on Austrian raw materials, which guarantee the highest quality.

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