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Here, too, our vast experience in logistics and storage brings you real benefits. We offer you every form of loading options all the way to manual loading of containers. And with regard to renting storage capacities, we have some 25,000 sq m available for you.

From recipe all the way to finished product - this procedure includes four stages. Each of them is important, even if one stage or the other may not seem so at first glance. Thus, for example, storage and delivery of your popular beverages is a major subject. Here, too, the Starzinger beverage group will of course also assist you. Thanks to our decades of experience in bottling and logistics, we can offer you numerous means of assistance and solutions.

Storage of contract bottlings

Various loading options are indispensable for customer-oriented logistics.
As one of the leading companies in private labelling, we provide extensive options for your packaging, loading and even storage, no matter if using pallets or containers, manual loading or by means of technical support: We'll be happy to help with the implementation of beverage storage plans and in realising your logistic concept, even after completion of beverage bottling. As a special service, we offer you exclusive storage capacities.

The Starzinger beverage group has more than 25,000 square metres of warehousing space, which we can make available to you by means of renting. Not to forget here: Staying on top of things. Our experienced staff store, accumulate and deposit several tons of beverages of all kinds every day for various buyers. They ensure that contract bottling is also quickly available from the logistics centre for loading. Here we stand out thanks to our organisational talent and flexibility. It's often the (seemingly) little things that significantly contribute to the success.

Beverage deliveries to all corners of the world.

The Starzinger has its main office in the heart of Austria. This way, the most important European countries and cities are easily accessible. Of course, overseas shipments are also part of our day-to-day business. We will be pleased to advise you in person in this regard. You see - when producing beverages and in particular for private labelling, there is much to keep in mind. Having produced your beverages, the work is not yet done by far.

Storage and delivery of contract bottlings is an important part of this. But the Starzinger beverage group excels even in these areas. Our high quality standards attest to our thoroughness and attentive approach to private labelling. Only this way can be be a reliable partner in contract bottling.

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