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Starzinger’s customers can depend on our exceptional flexibility: From short-term planning, flexible product configuration, from small bottling jobs to interim storage of the end product. Starzinger’s approach to for-hire bottling is flexible and tailored to the needs of our customers. We also comply with the most modern production standards and have comprehensive know-how as demonstrated by the world’s most modern PET bottling plant.

We are continually investing in new production lines, logistics and warehousing. Our most recent investments are now evident. In cooperation with the Krones facility construction firm, Starzinger now has the world’s most modern PET bottling plant. In addition to an increase in production capacities, it is now possible to produce different kinds of PET sleeves in this fully automated and digitalized facility, in addition to labeling of paper using a Contiroll press.

Water and power savings, and also a reduction in material wastage, are additional benefits. This new PET facility located in a separate 1500 m2 building, makes Starzinger even more flexible and competitive.

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