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... for a perfect result. No matter if energy drink, functional or mixed beverages of all kinds in PET, can or glass – there are virtually no limits to your ideas. We work on the best bottling solutions for your implementation. With our international know-how and long-term experience as a beverage bottler, we are the ideal co-packing partner for you and your product. Customer support is taken care of at the highest management level.
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Our bottling recipe: Success through competency

Our modern bottling techniques and expertise with regard to raw materials, packaging and shipping make us one of the most competent and successful bottling companies. Our reliability, the top price-performance-ratio and high flexibility guarantee your individual requirements are met with customised solutions such as a selection of PET, glass or cans, as well as the design of these, filling quantity (e.g. 0.5 litres, 1 litre or 1.5 litre bottles), total of filling quantity of the production line, container size, packaging, shipping to the various retailers and so on and so forth.

It's the mixture that does it

We not only ensure that your product is given a new mantle, but also provide the best foundation to this end. The mineral water springs located in the Austrian state of Upper Austria are ideally suited for beverage mixtures of all kinds. In the international markets our springs have stood the test of time thanks to their neutral flavour, low mineralisation and not least their excellent quality. All bottling of beverages is done under strict quality controls, thus guaranteeing high-quality products.

And our two private breweries also guarantee best quality and highest drinking enjoyment for your shandies!

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