Model: Glass bottle 250ml A1

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Glass bottles of 250ml to 1,500ml are available as either single-use or returnable bottles. The most common are shown here. Upon request, we can work with you to identify other possible bottle options.

Packaging: Glass bottles

Glass bottles have a lot to offer, in terms of both product quality and sustainability. Their dimensional stability and good insulation mean the bottles remain tightly sealed, preventing potential interactions between their contents and the environment or other food products. This guarantees that when properly stored, the products won't lose their original quality. Humidity, other products or chemicals can't breach the glass in either direction, thus preserving the original quality and purity of your product! 

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As a professional contract bottling partner, we offer customized solutions for soft drinks, energy drinks, sodas, juices, wine, beer and mixed beer drinks, among other drink varieties. Feel free to get in touch and tell us about your project or your vision 

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