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Economic acting for a secure future

Economic acting requires foresight, honesty, reliability and the knowledge how to use existing resources prudently. The Starzinger beverage group is celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2016. This is the best proof that we are an economically successful company. Company founder Josef Starzinger already pursued a simple but successful principle with the bottling of soda water and lemonades: solid growth and far-sighted economic acting.

The company Starzinger even survived the economically difficult post-war period in good condition. The switch from horse-drawn carriages to motorised vehicles, the change to automated production - all this would not have been possible had the company not worked well economically and approached the continuous process optimisation with farsightedness.

Ludmilla Starzinger has been heading the company since 2010 and relies on the traditional Starzinger family values in doing so. Only this way can 250 employees be kept busy, 6 locations and 10 bottling plants be operated. Today, around 1,000 products are bottled by the Starzinger beverage group.

Long-term business relations - the key to success

In addition to the economic and financial fundamental principles, one thing is very important to us: The close and personal contact with our customers and business partners. Long-term business relations are something we hold dear. This is the only way clients and producers can plan and survive economically in the long term. So it's not about customers and suppliers, but about partners. The basis for this special form of business relation consists of personal contact, honesty, authenticity, reliability and trust. This is how we represent and practice our company values each and every day.

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