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Sustainable economising and consideration for the resources of nature: The family business Starzinger has been pursuing sustainability for many years. That is why the company was also certified by the renowned "Flagship companies-Austria"-association. As an Austrian flagship company, we are aware of our social and ecological responsibility, demonstrate innovative strength and pursue secure value creation. This pioneering role and role model approach makes us proud.

Out of consideration for the environment

"The sustainability of our acting with regard to the environment has long been an important pillar of our corporate philosophy", says managing director Ludmilla Starzinger. Some examples of measures already implemented include:

  • Glass-reusable: We set new standards with a higher rates of reusable packaging than the industry average.
  • Intelligent transport facilities: Less environmental pollution thanks to fuel efficient trucks and intelligent route planning.
  • CIP (Cleaning in Place): Resource efficient, computer-aided water supply/sewage management.
  • Renewable energy: We use only electricity from renewable energy sources by the Deutschkreutz plant.
  • E-hydropower stations: Our own E-hydropower station supply the electricity requirements of the private brewery Bräu am Berg - the excess energy supplied by the E-hydropower station is fed into the public grid.
  • Biomass power plant: A majority share in a biomass power plant also contributes to environmentally friendly use of energy.
  • Intelligent energy recovery: The tunnel pasteurizers of the canning plants are also used as a heat source for heating the storage area and the administration building.
  • Modern machines: The reduction of fresh water/sewage is made possible by the new environmentally friendly bottle cleaning machines.

The Starzinger beverage group attaches great significance to economic acting, while paying great attention to the ecological component. The company's philosophy is also based on this.

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