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Beverages for all requirements: Sports refreshment, vitamin supply & baby mineral water

Just like for food, quality is also of the highest significance when it comes to water. Because the most important aspect of our refreshing drinks and private labelling products are the right ingredients: We use Austrian mineral water of the highest quality.


Variety of beverages: the popular brands by the Starzinger beverage group

Iced tea, lemonades, mineral water with vitamins - to mention just a small sample from the extensive range. All beverages have one thing in common: The high quality of their raw materials. As a top beverage supplier, are a wide range of products can be found in numerous Austrian and European grocery stores. The range of brands includes some 230 individual articles. 


  • Schartner Bombe: Schartner Bombe has been providing refreshment since nearly 100 years and impresses with its magnificent taste. Austria's dynamite refreshment comes from Austria - just like the schnitzel from Vienna - and has become an everyday staple.

  • Schartner Bombe iced tea: Aromatic tea, traditionally brewed and augmented with the flavour of the lemons and peaches: Schartner Bombe iced tea provides the perfect refreshment - not just on hot days.

  • Fruit BOMB powered by Schartner Bombe: The ultimate progression of the Schartner Bombe: The addition of lemongrass and ginger enhances the unique taste adventure. The flavour of the classic lemonade is effectively "distilled" and impresses with its higher fruit content. Available in the convenient 0.25lt Glass bottle. 

  • Frankenmarkter lemonades: 0 percent sugar, 0 carbohydrate units: Sparkling delectation for all tastes - and that since more than 30 years. Be it cola, raspberry, herbs, orange, cola and lemonade mix or lemon: guaranteed to taste.

  • Frankenmarkter with vitamins: Available in the flavours pear-lemon balm, whortleberry, aloe vera-lemon or apple. In addition to providing an unadulterated taste adventure, it also provides the most important vitamins at the same time: Vitamin C for the immune system, vitamin B12 for the nerves, blood formation and mucous membranes, vitamin B6 stimulates protein metabolism, biotin strengthens the nails, hair and skin. It's hard to believe everything that is jammed in here.nbsp;

  • Frankenmarkter mineral water with lemon is a pure natural product, not comparable with off-the-shelf wellness beverages. Free of artificial additives, it contains lemon juice and thus only has 1.3. Natural and without sugar, also available in grapefruit. 

  • Long Life mineral water: The source of strength with unique magnesium content. Helps combat stress and boosts performance. Ideal for school, work and sports. Long Life mineral water is the most natural source of magnesium with the lowest amount of calories.

  • JUVINA: Young - Zestful - Natural - a fountain of youth. The high quality all-round water offers additional calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate.

  • Polo: Local fruits and enjoyment without the addition of sugar - available in currant, apple and orange, pure or spritzed.

  • Actiwell: The perfect variation with that wellness-factor: The near-water-line in the flavours blood orange-coriander and lime-lemongrass with just 2 to 5 calories.

  • CLUE: The energy drink for that energy kick with taurine, caffeine, carbohydrates and vital vitamins.

Co-packing & contract bottling: Our mineral water for your refreshing drinks

It's not just us who want to benefit from the Austrian springs. Make use of the opportunity and benefit from our quality, experience and competency - because that is something we guarantee all our customers. Brands such as JUVINA, Long Life, Schartner Bombe and Frankenmarkter mineral water are part of the Starzinger range of refreshing drinks. If you, too, should want to bottle your beverages with Starzinger mineral or table water, we can optimally realise your requests with our know-how in all areas.

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