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Award-winning beers by the Starzinger beverage group

The beverage group Starzinger it is also the expert for beers and shandies. The private brewery "Bräu am Berg" and the private brewery in Aspach confirm the pioneering role in this regard. Both are IFS certified, Aspach since 2012, "Bräu am Berg" since 2015.

The "Bräu am Berg" it is also award-winning: Die Frankenmarkter private brewery convinced the jury of the "Culinarix", the foodstuffs award as part of which the best beers of Upper Austria are rewarded: 3 Gold-decorations were awarded in different categories to "Bräu am Berg". 

The Maerzen beer, wheat beer and the seasonal bock beer were awarded this prize. And with that our philosophy is also emphasised: Quality before quantity. With loving handiwork, the raw materials from local farmers are processed into multiple award-winning beers. An environmentally friendly, the required electricity is produced by an on-site hydropower station. 

The beer for your private label is brewed in the ISF-certified Aspach private brewery. You can provide your beer for the private label production by tanker, or have it brewed in our Aspach private brewery. A further, unique benefit by the Starzinger beverage group.