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State-of-the-art beverage bottling, flexibility in production and storage with regard to time, countless options for packaging and a selection of all kinds of container sizes are the benefits provided by the Starzinger beverage group. And that in combination with optimally coordinated logistics, high sanitary standards and customised solutions: We are the all-round partner for contract bottling. As a recognised beverage producer, the Starzinger beverage group occupies a leading role in Austria. For many decades the family business has been dealing in private labelling. This knowledge and quality is, of course, something we are also happy to export.

Our bottling recipe: Experience and expertise. No matter if you want to have mixed drinks, table water or energy drinks bottled - we provide you with the right solution. We not only ensure that your product is given a mantle, but also provide the best raw materials to this end. This lets you benefit from Austrian quality of the highest level. For your private labelling you can choose from four different mineral water wells, all unique in terms of content and quality. Be it Frankenmarkter mineral water with a balanced distribution of minerals and trace elements, JUIVNA with the perfect composition of calcium, hydrogen carbonate and magnesium, Long Life a high content of magnesium or Lebensquell, with an even distribution of trace elements and minerals.

The demanding quality management by the Starzinger exceeds the legal standards, as not only the end customers associate values such as Austrian quality, affinity to the homeland, ecological behaviour and, first and foremost, high quality production with the quality of our mineral waters.

Beverage bottling with individual solutions

You can decide for yourself in which containers the beverages are bottled: We offer a dozens of different options: from the 150ml Slim-can to the 1,000ml reusable glass bottle, we stock it all. In addition, we offer you expert assistance with regard to logistics: On more than 25,000 m² of warehousing space, we can store your containers. Beverages are bottled using state-of-the-art bottling plants: Starzinger has several plants for PET-bottles, glass bottles, aluminium bottles and cans. These allow us to also fulfil orders at short notice with flexibility. In doing so, we are flexible with regard to quantity - we are happy to process minimal quantities as well as large orders. You've come up with something very special and are in need of a customised solution? Then you've come to the right place in our special workshop: Our staff employ their long-term experience - and help you with developing and preparing special solutions.

Having beverages bottled with the Starzinger beverage group

Co-Packing with the Starzinger beverage group means Private Labelling by the experts. We guarantee you premium raw materials, elaborate recipes, flexible beverage bottling in terms of time and quantity. We pay attention to the highest sanitary standards and proper storage and delivery. In short: An all-inclusive package in contract bottling, without equal.

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