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From the heart of Europe we export Austrian quality all across the world. And our customers know to appreciate this. From mineral water and lemonades to energy drinks and beer: The products by the Starzinger beverage group simply go down well everywhere. 

Since decades we have also been transporting lifestyles and values. Those of ecological care and the resource-efficient production on the one hand, health and well-being on the other. 

Our sanitary standards far exceed the legal requirements. The IFS-certificate "Higher Level" or the certificate by "BIO AUSTRIA" attest to this. In addition, the Starzinger beverage group is also certified to produce according to halal and kosher standards.

Combined with our flexibility and trustworthiness, we are your competent export partner.

Export brands by the Starzinger beverage group

The Starzinger beverage group exports not only beverages, but also identities. Be it mineral water, lemonades or energy drinks - our customers associate every product with values such as bonds to the homeland, ecologically responsible acting and the quality of an Austrian flagship enterprise. In combination with natural ingredients, unique taste adventures and pure refreshment. 

The range of brands by the Starzinger beverage group: