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Tradition in history and future

"The philosophy of August Starzinger’s company includes taking responsibility for its employees, as well as the cultural and traditional values of our homeland."

100 years of Starzinger Group
August Starzinger

As early as 1906, Josef Starzinger, an innkeeper, began the business of bottling soda water and lemonade, thus laying the foundation for a solid and visionary enterprise.

Born in 1912, August Starzinger guided the company in a traditional manner through a difficult period after the turmoil of World War II.

With the reconstruction came automation, which, in turn, offered August Starzinger an opportunity for expansion. The new technological wave allowed the company’s horse and handcarts, which until then had been used to deliver Starzinger lemonade and soda water to guesthouses, to be replaced by lorries. In addition to securing licensed bottling partnerships with Afri-Cola, Frucade and Almdudler, August Starzinger also pushed the production of his own brands, thus establishing himself as an independent contractor.

August Starzinger born 1943
August Starzinger (Kinderfoto)

Motorisation and the rise in income led to a massive increase in the consumption of lemonade and soda water. Lemonade became the “must have” drink for the whole family in guesthouses.

Born in 1943, August Starzinger, the current owner of the company, began working with his father in 1959. In 1977 he took over responsibility for the lemonade bottling plant and its 13 employees, operating in an area of 300m2.

This bottling plant is still standing in the centre of Frankenmarkt. However expansion at this location is not possible. One condition for moving to a new location is the supply of first class water. This water should be extracted from a depth of 80 m - the basis for today's Frankenmarkter Mineral Water. By acquiring neighbouring land and buildings the company has been able to expand the plant to its present size. After the death of the owner of the local brewery in Frankenmarkt, August Starzinger purchased the "Bräu am Berg" brewery in 1985.

Future with tradition
  • historische Zeichnung
  • moderne Abfüllanlage
  • historische Schartnerbombenwerbung

He promised to maintain the brewery as a small traditional company without any major expansion. "Bräu am Berg" still remains a typical traditional Upper Austrian private brewery bearing the motto: "small but mighty".

During the wave of state privatisation, August Starzinger acquired two mineral water brands from “Heilmittelwerken Wien“ in 1989: Juvina (bottling Deutschkreutz – Burgenland) and “Long Life“ (bottling Bad Radkersburg – Steiermark). These waters complement the excellent products of the parent company based in Frankenmarkt (mineral water and soft drinks).

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the company enjoyed massive expansion in Eastern European markets. This led to the building of modern bottling plants for PET plastic bottles and aluminium cans, to supplement the company’s traditional glass bottling plants.

In 1990, the mineral water supplier in Bad Bük, Hungary was acquired. The subsidiary’s headquarters is located in Budapest - where Markus Starzinger (son of August Starzinger II) oversees operations in Hungary as well as export to other Eastern European states. In 1991, the brewery Aspach OÖ was acquired as part of this export initiative. This, in turn, significantly increased the company’s export of beer.

In 1995, the company acquired the classic Austrian brand Schartner Bombe based in Bad Hall, and has once again made it a popular drink. During the course of our continuous efforts to improve quality, the production of Schartner Bombe was relocated to Frankenmarkt in 2000. This resulted in the largest expansion phase of our bottling production facility in Frankenmarkt to its current size.

In 1998, the company established its own in-house advertising agency in Frankenmarkt to manage product development, design and the marketing of in-house brands, as well as the products of our clients. The agency is managed by Proc. Ludmilla Starzinger (daughter of August Starzinger II). The agency allows us to offer our clients a full-service - from tasting to labels – for both the domestic and international market.

Over 100 years experience
Ludmillla Starzinger

In 2010 Ludmilla Starzinger took over the responsibility for the “Starzinger group of companies”, in which 230 employees are producing approximately 250 different brands sold throughout the world. Ludmilla Starzinger will lead the company towards the future – with respect to the philosophy of the founders: Taking responsibility for the company’s employees, its customers and clients, as well as for the cultural and traditional values of the homeland.

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