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Strong containers, refreshing content: more than 100 years of success.

As early as 1906, Josef Starzinger, an innkeeper, began bottling beverages, thus laying the foundation for a sucessful and visionary enterprise.

The Recipe for success

After World War II, the company increasingly moved towards contract bottling and to this day is considered a reliable partner with years of experience in this field. The company’s impressive rate of growth is attributed to current owner KR August Starzinger who took over operations in the 1970s. Since then the Starzinger Group has become the third largest producer of soft drinks in Austria and a venerated bottler in the international market.

As in the early days, the company has remained a family business, which now employs 230 people at three locations in Austria: 4 PET bottling plants, 3 glass-bottling plants and 2 cans installations producing ca. 170,000 units per hour. In addition to three high-quality mineral water springs, which provide beverages for the Frankenmarkter, Juvina and Long Life mineral water brand lines, the company also acquired the traditional Austrian soft drinks brand Schartner Bombe in 1995 and has once again made it a popular brand.

The company also owns two breweries, which allow the Starzinger Group to offer a diverse range of beverages from its “own brand” portfolio. Today, in addition to its own in-house brands, Starzinger also bottles over 250 other brands, which the company distributes worldwide.

About us
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